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Made From Recycled Metals

Introducing the latest addition to the Smart Minimalist.

MASHALLAH is a jewelry label designed by Mashallah Ghouleh and handcrafted in Chicago, IL. Each piece of jewelry is made with recycled semi-precious metals that are derived from electronic waste. This eco-friendly and socially conscious brand creates beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings without doing harm to the planet.

What do you think of these beautiful pieces?


Large hoop earrings. Made from recycled silver and 14k Gold. ($49.99)

Small Square Earrings. Made from recycled silver and 14k Gold. ($49.99)

Dainty Thread Earrings. Made from recycled brass from tech waste also available as a set. 


You can shop the exclusive collection through the Smart Minimalist now!

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