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3 Things: You can do about textile waste today.

Welcome back to the Smart Minimalist blog. Part of a minimalist wardrobe is choosing pieces that will not only last long term but be transitional season over season. It's also about conscious consumerism and adopting a lower impact on the environment.

Today, I will be sharing a few ways I reduce my textile waste.

All of these are quick, and easy ways you can start today on your journey to a minimalist and Eco-friendly wardrobe today.

1. Recycle the clothes you do have.
Swap or trade with a friend or sell it on Facebook marketplace.

A swap is when you get together with a group and trade clothes and other goods with one another. I know what your thinking. A swap? In a pandemic? Okay- so corona killed the idea of doing swaps with strangers, but you can still Skype up some friends and negotiate virtually. Once you’ve decided on the items your swapping you can wash it then drop it off on each other’s doorsteps or at the condo front desk for us city folk.

If you just want to purge, and your not looking for new items, consider using Facebook marketplace to sell what you no longer need. It’s not only freeing- but the few extra dollars do add up!

Recycled Metal

2. Vote with your money.
This one is short, sweet, and self explanatory. Just stop buying the polyesters, nylons and acrylics of the world. If you can get a recycled version- that's great but avoid otherwise.

Research a few alternatives such as bamboo, hemp and tencel.

3. Up-cycle your clothes.
Could a local quilting group use the clothing, curtains or sheets your thinking of throwing away? Check Facebook, kijiji to reach out to a local group. Maybe you know someone on Facebook who could use them?

Do you have a pair of jeans you could turn into shorts? Or maybe you have a shirt you could turn into a rag. Get creative with up-cycling your clothes into something useful. If your not that creative, don’t worry. Here is my favorite Pinterest board with ideas.

Part of our passion is to share ideas with like minded women about sustainability, fashion and trends. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below.

We'd love to hear from you!

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