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Easy Sustainable Wardrobe Hacks!

Even in my 20's I was skeptical of fast fashion. By the time I was 25, I had I completely changed my shopping habits

I'm sharing my hacks on how I shop smarter, a little more eco friendly and minimal!

Giving a garment or accessory a second chance at life is the best way to be sustainable! Every city has a consignment shop or secondhand store you can find and it doesn't have to be one that only sells luxury brands! You should always read the label and understand the quality of fabric your buying so you can determine how much life it has left.

Pro Tip: When shopping secondhand, always give the garment a thorough look over and try it on before you buy.

Check the label when your purchasing your clothes and look for recycled fabrics or natural fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton, linen and bamboo. Don’t pay too much for polyesters some they won’t last as long. 

Pro Tip: It's 2020 and there are a tonnes of great budget friendly leather alternative items available. 

Buying local has several benefits. First of all it has a lower carbon footprint since it doesn't travel far from the manufacturer to us as the consumer. It also puts money back into the local economy and that's a win-win for everyone in the community.

Pro Tip: Check Facebook market place for locally made furniture before you buy new. You'll typically find better quality than what's at the big box stores.

I will do a post in the future just about recycling old clothes but for now lets talk about re-purposing your clothes. It could be taking those jeans you ripped could turn into cut offs or the dress you had turned into a shirt at the tailors. If your tired of it, or there is a stain you just can't get rid of, consider being creative and turning it into something else.

Not great at sewing? You'd be surprised how reasonable your local dry cleaners is to tailor something for you.

Pro Tip: When clothes have become warn out, cut the garment into squares and keep them around for rags. It comes in handy for spring cleaning!

I hope you enjoyed some of the basic hacks to have a more sustainable wardrobe. 

What ones are you open to trying?
Do you do any of these already?

Let us know in the comment section!

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