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Is It Summer '22? Or The 80's, 90's, 00's?

What goes round, comes around. 

By now, you probably know that fashion is cyclical. For summer 2022, elements of the 80’s, 90’s and early '00's are cool again.

The elements of these fashion decades that are cute again can be for everyone because they are a little more toned down and can done with pops of colour. As Vogue pointed out in March 2022, Kate Middleton was wearing a lot of '80s looks recently. This included polka-dot dresses, puffed sleeves and chunky 80’s style jewelry. Think- a casual Princess Diana. 


Pictured: Chunky Classic Gold Hoop Earrings 


Grunge fashion is making a comeback! 

The take away from grunge-aesthetic? Outfits that have an effortless vibe to them. The 2022 spin on this look is the effortless baggy vibe in all neutral colours. Think mini bag, loose fitting pants and oversize jackets and blazers. 

smart minimalist 90's bag


Chokers and thick gold chains are current trends that millennials already know and love. 

 The Smart Minimalist Choker

Pictured:  Choker 

Oh yeah, and remember dainty anklets and turquoise blues? We are definitely here for it! 


Pictured: Turquoise beaded 14k Gold Anklet


We have all seen that “Gen Z’s” has revived the fanny pack, but instead of wearing them around the waist, most people now wear them across their chest. You can get in on the trend while remaining sustainable and practical with our apple leather hip bag.  

the smart minimalist hip bag

Pictured: Vegan Hip Bag - Pink 

Double up the trend factor by getting your “ fanny pack “ in pink! Hot pink has been everywhere this year, but hot pink might be a little too much, right? The chic middle ground is this hip bag in a muted pink.

Leave us a comment! What are your favorite trends from the 80's, 90's and 00's?

Are you happy to see these styles come back? 

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