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The Color Spectrum of Jewelry: What's prettier gold or silver?

Hey Minimalists!

Have you ever wondered how you can tell if the gold jewelry you're looking at online is going to be a soft yellow or a rich, deep yellow tone? Well, it's not just about style - it's a science. Today, we're diving into the world of gold - 10K, 14K, and 18K, to be precise.

  • 10K Gold: The Practical Beauty
    • Composition: In the jewelry universe, 10K gold is like the practical, down-to-earth sibling. With 41.7% pure gold and the rest a mix of metals like silver, copper, and zinc. 10K gold offers durability that's perfect for everyday wear.
    • Color Nuance: Its color is subtly warm with a lighter tone than its higher karat cousins. Think of it like your favorite latte - not too bold, but comforting and inviting.

  • 14K Gold: The Balanced Glow
    • Composition: Stepping up the glam ladder, 14K gold - with its 58.3% gold purity - strikes a gorgeous balance between richness and practicality.
    • Color Nuance: It's the Goldilocks of the gold world - not too light, not too intense, but just right. It shines with a warmth that's unmistakably gold but doesn't scream for attention.

  • 18K Gold: The Luxe Standard
    • Composition: Ah, 18K gold! With a whopping 75% gold content, it's the epitome of luxury and opulence in the gold jewelry world. 
    • Color  Nuance: Its color is deep, rich, and full of life - like a sun-kissed Mediterranean morning. It's the gold the turns heads and starts conversations.

  • Bonus: Rose Gold 
    • Composition: Rose gold, with its blush-like hue, is made by alloying gold with copper and sometimes a bit of silver.
    • Color Nuance: The result? A warm, pinkish tone that's like a rosy sunset on your skin. It's unique, trendy, and oh-so-romantic.


So now that you understand how the color is determined you're probably thinking, what is the best color for me? Click here to see our blog post about choosing the right gold for your skin tone.

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